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Derek L. Brown aka D. Brown is a singer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has used what God has blessed him with to create music that has been described as “unique, authentic, worshipful, eclectic and sincere.” Born to musical parents D. Brown has been surrounded by music from the beginning. From Junior High School Boys Glee to being a vocal major at The Ohio State University, music has been a major part of his life.

Starting piano lessons in Junior High school with the masterful teacher Phyllis Tucker the interest and fire for music truly began. From joining the Marching band & Jazz band in High school; singing in the choir & mixed ensemble; on the invitation of a fellow trumpet player in the marching band joining the neighborhood group “Magic Connection” and feeling a pull from God co-creating the gospel group “Ordained” the love of music was showing itself to be a prominent factor in his life.

After stepping away for a few years he released his debut CD “Eclectic” in 2012 of which he used to showcase the myriad of styles of music that have influenced him throughout his life. Praise & Worship, Contemporary Christian, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Spoken Word and R&B highlight the diversity and the distinctive talent that D. Brown possesses. 

He followed up his debut in 2013 with the live recording of Spoken word & Jazz entitled “And The Word Became Flesh.” Working alongside spoken word artists Tifani Kendrick “The Prophetic Poetess, Javier Sanchez and Barbara Fant, this live recording captured the energy and the power of the spoken word. It has been described as “jazzy, smooth, inspirational and thought provoking.” 

Continuing the eclectic theme in 2016 D. Brown followed up his debut release “Eclectic” with “Eclectic Vol II.” Again showcasing varying musical styles from Christian Hip Hop (CHH) song “Stand Up” featuring B. Moses & Rashawn Truss; the acoustic worship song “You’re Love Is Amazing To Me” to the jazz instrumental “Dayspring” featuring Chris Hoyte he continued to relay the same message of love and redemption.

In recent years he has been blessed to be part of the Smooth Jazz trio “Copacetic.” The group Copacetic began as a result of friends coming together to help on a “gig” and has been creating great music and rocking stages ever since. Through the group D. Brown has been part of two releases to date (Copacetic 2017 & Collage 2020).

A joyous celebration of stunning musicianship, sincere melodies, and beautiful music – D. Brown’s latest EP called With These Hands is set to become the first official release for the new label AEJ Records.  From gorgeously warm & inviting instrumentals, to spectacular guest-star appearances, the remarkably heartfelt and lively songs upon With These Hands are as entertaining as they are restorative to the soul.

Acoustically-based, featuring the immaculately intimate and intricate instrumentation of D. Brown at his absolute finest – he’s taken care of every possible detail from start to finish, personally recording all of the incredible material on his own in a genuine effort to create the most truly engaging, endearing, and exciting record in his career & catalog to-date.  With his God-given talents shining brightly through a set of seven Jazz-fusion tracks that include Spoken Word, Funk, R&B, Reggae & so much more – D. Brown’s With These Hands EP is guaranteed to connect to the hearts and minds of listeners all around the world. 

D. Brown is a 2X Kingdom Image Award (KIA) Nominee Finalist for Instrumentalist of the Year. He walked away with the award in 2022. 

 God has blessed him to either perform or record with amazingly gifted singers and musicians. From Tim Hitchcock & Spirit of Truth, Tanesha Holland-Davis, Daniel Winans, Rosetta Perry, Christon Gray, Milton Ruffin, Keith Reed Jr. & New Sound of Worship, Leon Timbo, Rashawn Truss, Living In Gods Presence (L.I.G.P.) and Nia Allen, he considers it a blessing to be able to use what God has given him to have a positive impact on peoples lives. 

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